Solution for the
Visually, Auditorily and Physically Impaired

Visually impaired people
Visually impaired people can’t see, but they can hear. They need to have photos and videos described auditorily. The ADA Buzz team will make sure your graphic interface is translated for those who can not see.  VoiceOver software can be used on the Mac.  There is also ChromeVox. Both are screen readers created by Google that allows users to browse the Internet with the aid of synthesized speech played through their speakers or headphones. It is available as an extension for Google Chrome on both Windows and MacOS.   Weekly shopping online is easier than walking around a shop, when visually impaired.

Auditorily impaired people can’t hear, but they can see. They need to have podcasts and videos voice and sound described visually. They may use adaptive hardware, touch screens, alternative keyboards and mice, and magnification and screen-reading software.

The ADA Buzz Team will make sure your audio interface is accurately captioned, for those who can not hear.


Physically impaired people can see and hear, but they may have difficulty using a conventional mouse and keyboard. The ADA Buzz Team will make sure that menus, links, search and other web page interfaces are easy to click on with the interface tools they are using.

People who are impaired with more than one disability, will be able to interface via the three different modalities.


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