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It has been a travesty of justice that website platforms have not made a greater effort to provide ADA compliance throughout all of their themes. WordPress had 75 million websites worldwide. Many WordPress websites are not ADA compliant because people don’t know about text transcripts, closed captioning, alt text, color contrast, heading structure, etc. But ADA Buzz does! Let us help you.
We work with the disabled if they find a website doesn’t work for them. We approach the website in question with “Did you know there is a disabled person who would like to interact with your website, but they can’t easily.  Can we help you to make your website be more accessible to the 22% of the population that are visually, auditorily and/or physically disabled?”
We work with WordPress websites owners who are not very techie, but they want to do the right thing. We are able to work with people with very little website development experience.
  • Are you a yoga teacher? How will they find you? They got core. 
  • Are you a dentist or doctor? How will they find you? They got teeth and bodies.
  • Are you retail? How will they find you?  They shop.

We work with Web Developers who manage websites. We can talk techie with techies. We won’t waste your time and we will make you look good.

Service, service, service. Whilst many things are automated for ADA Buzz, our service is not. We will use chat to help you online, anytime, 24/7/365. There will always be a human to chat with!
Freedom, Compassion and Service ~ Doing The Right Thing

Approximately one billion people in the world live with disabilities, according to the UN. That’s a sizable chunk indeed.

In addition to those born with disabilities, be aware of the aging population.

Some of the natural signs of aging, such as loss of sensory acuity, ability to process cognitive load and fine motor skills, all impact how older people interact with technology.

Lawsuits are certainly a motivation for investing in making sure your website is ADA compliant.

However, we at ADA Buzz are motivated by the idea that we all have family and friends, and older people in our lives that have some form of disability. We want to make sure that they have access to the internet.

vision and values


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