ADA BuzzProcesses
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First, you will conduct a thorough survey of this website as to why ADA compliance is necessary for your website. You will be familiarized to the idea of ADA. This includes the why and how of the process.
PROCESS 2Request
After the survey process, you will have to make a request for ADA compliance of your website. This will include the signing-up and logging-in into the portal followed by filing the request for ADA compliance.
The admin of the ADA Buzz will be monitoring your requests and will further communicate with the ADA Buzz staff to assign the task of ADA compliance through planning the requirements and implementation.
PROCESS 4Solutions
The staff will then work on the formulation of solutions to make the your website ADA compliant. These solutions will be implemented after the complete backup of existing data for easy restoration and security.
After formulation of solutions for your website, necessary steps will be taken to build the website with its complete data ensuring it to be ADA compliant. The staff will mark the status of the task for a better tracking record.
The last step will include the verification of your website to be completely ADA compliant with it's original data in place as well functional and visual requirements. The website will be published upon the approval.