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Service, accuracy and timeliness are goals for the ADA Buzz Team. Every comment will be considered as we make our ADA Buzz Marketing website and User Portal better every day.

ADA Buzz
Our Mission

The ADA Buzz team’s mission is to help make the internet more accessible for some of our most vulnerable populations ~ people with disabilities. Giving people a better internet interface allows them to shop, be educated and have fun.

Making the World a Better Place There is great satisfaction when your work is trying to make the world a better place. It is worth more than money. It is an internal motivation that fulfills the soul. Everybody on the ADA Buzz is inspired by our mission.

Client Satisfaction We will be posting client comments and feedback. Even the comments that point out issues, as we do not see criticism as a problem, but an opportunity to make the ADA Buzz website better and better.

Effective Results The ADA Buzz team takes metrics and analytics very seriously. There are many ways to measure effectiveness and we will be looking at every tool to make sure we are doing a good job, finding places where we might improve. Ada Buzz lives by “Kaizen”, a Japannese word for constant incremental improvement. It was coined by Fred Demmings in the 50s as he started his TQM (Top Quality Management) training at car manufacturing plants in post second World War II Japan.

Besides data, direct feedback from our clients, we will allow us to continuously improve the interface for people with disabilities.We will continue to get feedback from this audience as time goes by.

Record of Success ADA Buzz is new and that makes us just the more excited to get it right. Many on the ADA Buzz team come out of Imran’s web development company Proleadsoft. Proleadsoft, founded in 2012,  has developed 40+ websites, 15+ portals and 20+ apps to great success.

Fast Problem Solving. When you trust your team you can feel free to brainstorm any problem to find solutions. Respect, trust  and appreciation drive fast solutions and that is core to every email or remote chat. A web based business must always be on its toes.

Teamwork. The ADA Buzz team takes teamwork very seriously. Working from all over the world communication is vital to keep our team moving forward, and on track. Although many of us have never actually met, there is a serious sense of compassion for each other and the people we hope to serve that binds us together.

Client Satisfaction
Effective results
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Fast problem solving

About Us

ADA Buzz is a team that works 24/7/365 from 4 offices all over the world: San Francisco, Karachi, Dubai and Sri Lanka. 

Michelle Dragony and Imran Alavi met in 2016 at a business networking meeting in Pacifica, California. Three years later, Silicon Valley native, Michelle noticed websites were not ADA compliant and that lawsuits were starting to happen.  Michelle kept mentioning this to Imran over a 6 month period, but there was very little federal guidance. Then NPR got sued. 

Having been a computer teacher, Michelle was more concerned that people didn’t have access to the internet; it has been 30 years since the ADA law passed!

Imran’s Proleadsoft team leapt into action in late 2019 and developed a plan of action which is now ADA Buzz.  The ADA Buzz team would build a portal where website owners and developers interface with the ADA Buzz team. ADA Buzz would also build a marketing website (where you are right now) that would draw people in and educate them on this new ADA internet evolution.

Vision & Values

If you just want to look at it from a strictly commercial perspective, if sites don’t consider disabled users, they’re missing out on a huge chunk of the market,” says Sandi Wassmer, a technologist and design expert who registered blind in 2008.

Accessibility Statement

ADA Buzz is focused on making its site open to individuals with impairment, and our objective is to convey a web experience that is lined up with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, explicitly the “AA” rules.



If your law firm’s website is not accessible to people with disabilities, you may be missing out on a big chunk of your potential client base. More than 20 percent of Americans live with some sort of disability and people over the age of 65 account for about 15 percent of the population.


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